Zappia Marinara History

Our Signature Marinara originates from Reggio Calabria in Southern Italy, circa 1882. My Italian grandparents, Michele & Rosina Zappia brought the “Old World” Italian recipes to America in the early 1900's. Our “gravy” is the heart and soul of our Italian recipes. It has served generations of family and friends. My Father, Carmello, taught me as I grew up in Ohio as his parents taught “La Famiglia” back in New York. 


Southern Italian Roots

The Zappia family originated from Southern Italy in the province of Reggio Di Calabria. Known for a beautiful culinary culture and artisanal cooking, we always aim to capture this energy in our products that remain true to their roots.


Arrival to America

The Zappia Family arrived on the S.S. Berlin into Ellis Island, NY in 1912. Like many other Italian families immigrating during this period, the Zappia's brought along all their recipes and style of cuisine to spread throughout America.


Establishing the Family

The Zappia's settled in Endicott, New York and through a tireless work ethic, established our family in America. My Grandfather worked at one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the country, Endicott-Johnson Shoes, which made nearly all of the footwear for the United States Army during World War I and World War II.


The Zappia Tradition

The Zappia family eventually settled in Dayton, OH where my Father Carmello founded his Salem Chrysler Plymouth car dealership. Not only did my parents pass on the tradition of family and food, but also the entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic that led to the creation of Zappia Foods.

From the "Old Days" of small kitchen experimentation, trial and error, tasting, and improving to our first store placement, Zappia Marinara has been a tireless family affair. The true labor of love that goes into every jar of our Marinara is prevalent in the taste.


Daniel Zappia

Executive Chef & Owner


Yvonne Conley

Executive Administrator and Production

Alexis & Olivia Zappia

Alexis & Oliva Zappia

Brand Ambassadors

From Cars to Jars – Our Origin Story

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